Thursday, January 20, 2011

i got a missed call last week

Ok so I just discovered these really adorable retro telephones here and I just love them! So, I thought I would share the link. Aren't they fun? Speaking of phones... I got a new phone number recently, and as a result I rarely get calls or texts. Anyway, recently I had accumulated a nice little pile of 11 missed voicemails. So I checked them, really excited and feeling oh so important! The first one was a little fuzzy; there was more than one voice, I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, and it was looong..after listening for a while I realized it was someone having a conversation with someone besides the person they were calling! It was in fact an accidental call… So was the next one, and the next one…one after another they were all, except maybe 1 or 2, not even meaning to call me! Or worse, they had meant to call me, but completely forgot about it by the time the voicemail came on! Important? I think not.

It reminds me of the short time I had a cell-phone as a kid. I shared it with my sister of course, and it was mainly just to call our mom when we needed to get picked up from ballet. Anyway, one of my older brothers needed a phone, so he talked my sister out of it. I on the other hand, wasn’t so easy to convince. He was like, “Come on Sarah, you are like 12 (actually 11, but thank you!), you don’t even get phone calls.” And I was like, “I do too!—I got a missed call last week!” Pathetic? Maybe. But I have admit although a lot of time has gone by since then, I can REALLY relate. Earlier today I was alone doing homework on the couch when I heard a glorious sound!... Was that buzzing?! Yes, indeed it was! Someone loves me! I ran into the kitchen, picked my phone up off of the table and started searching through it. For some reason there was no sign of a missed call or text, but the buzzing started up once again… I glanced down from my phone to where the noise was coming from: Skyler’s phone, that he just HAPPENED to leave at home on the table. Why were they call him anyway?? If they had called me, I would have answered! Ha ha. My friend Katy was telling me earlier this summer that the worst birthday she ever had was after she decided (a week before her birthday) that there was far too much info on her facebook page and that someone could potentially steal her identity. So, she started deleting information, yes, including her birthday. When her birthday rolled around no one called, no one sent her nice warm-fuzzies on facebook….nothing. Moral of the story: true friends remember your birthday—even if it’s not on facebook. And on a similar note, I am currently to the point where I am seriously considering making one of those "I lost my phone" groups on facebook. Comment to stop me...


  1. I feel so honored that you mentioned me in your blog! :)
    Jordan and I were in need of some good friends to hang out with this weekend, and we totally thought of you guys!! We miss you!! please let us know when you come to provo :)

  2. Of course I mentioned you in my blog! You are so cool, I feel honored that you feel honored ha ha. We miss you guys too and will for sure let you know when we go to Utah! P.S. congrats!