Thursday, January 13, 2011

polariod coasters

These are the Polaroid-coasters I made during the Christmas break. I used some pictures from our wedding, fun trips, other random occasions, and of course the one of my husband and I with our adorable “wittle wion” (that means “little lion” for anyone who doesn’t speak "this is too cute for adult language"). I kind of want to adopt him. I wonder if my parents will approve of that... one thing I will have to keep in mind is that this photo was taken almost a year and a half ago—and although he was drinking out of a bottle then, he is probably not so cute and large enough to eat me for brunch by now.

ANYWAY, I have to admit I am pretty proud of these little coasters. Initially the purpose was to protect the tables from water damage, but I am kind of nervous about how I will react the first time a guest puts their glass on one… “Uh, no…Oh, um, sorry, just put it, just put it right there on the table please.” Thinking to myself how rude! How dare they put the bottom of their glass on my husband’s face?! Next project: tiling the bathroom with pictures of myself and the wittle wion… that was a joke. Or was it? I am sure it would bring up the property value of our apartment…Don’t you think?

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