Thursday, January 6, 2011

wedding jewelry

Ok here is the latest piece I have been working on. It is a vintage inspired bridal necklace for this adorable soon-to-be-bride I came across on Etsy. The necklace features glass and freshwater pearls, a vintage sterling silver chain with rhinestones, a sterling plated chain, lace, and a lovely bow finding. Hope you like it! My sister is a model and I was with her most of the break, however, with all the fun and excitement we didn’t get around to taking any photos. So…Yes, this necklace is pictured on me :) Happy new year!  


  1. !!! sarah, it's gorgeous!! you're an ARTIST! i love it. i wish we had been friends when i got married !

  2. gahhhh! that is SO beautiful! you make fantastic jewels!