Saturday, February 12, 2011

crafty vs. crafty

So here is a little before and after project I did last summer. I found these chairs second-hand, obviously, and I couldn’t believe the wicker was in such good shape. I snatched them immediately and gave them a little makeover.

Random thought: every time someone says, “Oh you are so crafty,” I picture myself slowly tapping the tips of my fingers together sequentially saying, “Eeexcellent.” You see, there really are two very different ways you could take it—hence my confusion. The first way, is generally a complement—unless you put a little too much lace on, well, everything. And the second way, refer to dictionary definitions below, is the way I tend to take it. I wonder if that means something? Maybe I am subconsciously shrewd, devious and cunning in my crafting. Any thoughts?

craft•y (kr f t )
adj. craft•i•er, craft•i•est
1. Skilled in or marked by underhandedness, deviousness, or deception.

crafty [ˈkrɑːftɪ]
adj craftier, craftiest
1. skilled in deception; shrewd; cunning
2. Archaic skilful

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