Monday, February 14, 2011

Giveaway winner! & little black earrings to go with your little black dress

Ok, here is one of my newest designs. These earrings feature lovely black feathers, black briolette cut glass beads, and gold-plated ear wires. Click here to order them. These earrings also come in a few different colors. Wouldn’t these look great with a little black dress? I know finding the perfect little black dress can be a lifelong venture, but worth it? Yes. Well I wouldn't really know, but I would like to think so anyway.

Oh and speaking of giveaways! (I wasn't really talking about giveaways) but either way I need to announce the winner for the last giveaway! For those who don't win, Tania from what would a nerd wear is giving away my new jade necklace! So you still have a chance to win! Yay! We are all winners!!... No? Ok, maybe not. But we can all potentially be winners. So click here to check it out!

Anyway the winner for the coin and key necklace giveaway is Miranda who said...

She has some great pieces, I really like this one:

Congrats Miranda! Just email your address to and I will send your necklace!

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  1. I e-mailed you yesterday, I'm looking forward to receiving it!