Monday, February 28, 2011

in harmony

Here is a preview of a new treasury with some beautiful, chic items from Etsy in different shades of pear. Click here to check it out. I seriously can't wait for spring!

This next picture of the cat is exactly how I feel when I look outside to the 5 ft. snowdrift piled against our windows. Sometimes I am scared to walk out our door for fear that one of the many 4-5 ft. long ice-daggers will slide from the roof and spear me to my death. Ok, that may have been a little dramatic, but it is definitely a concern. Oh, and the walkways are just as bad. Our apartment complex set up a little snow shoveling schedule where each tenant takes a week etc. Yeah, that worked. It usually just ends up with our neighbors shoveling the snow from their stairs—onto ours (I am not sure they got the concept). Anyway, Sky went out a little while ago and chiseled at the ice for hours until his hands were bruised and covered in blisters. From inside it sounded like he was mining for diamonds or something.

So needless to say our stairs are treacherous; they are covered with about 15 layers of ice and snow piled on top of that. Our mailman left a sticky note on our mailbox recently, “Someone has got to shovel the ice off these stairs. They are dangerous!” I felt so bad, especially because we rarely use our front stairs so they are extra bad. I hope he didn't fall. Next winter: tossing the flimsy snow shovel and getting a jackhammer.

P.S. isn’t this cat the cutest thing in the world? If it could talk, I would do anything it asked me to. So if you ever see me in the school library petting my computer screen (uh, that wouldn’t be weird) just know I am probably looking at this adorable cat picture.


  1. hey cool thanks for featuring my fingerless gloves, beautiful treasury sarah :)


    and this necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry in the whole entire world and i love it so much and if you ever see ME awkwardly stroking my chest...well, it's not a perverted thing, it's an 'i love my necklace' thing.

    and i love YOU, sarah!
    "say you love me. say it. say you love me right now."

  3. No prob Megan! They are so pretty!

    Ha ha ha Brandilyn! I actually did see you do that for a minute earlier today, glad you clarified that jk.

    "Oh ok, love you too! Bye." See I told you it was quotable, David is really missing out.