Tuesday, February 1, 2011

skeleton keys and sisters

Ok, here is a necklace I made a little while ago. This necklace features three lovely skeleton keys in various sizes hanging from an antiqued chain with a hand twisted clasp. To order this necklace click here. Let me know what you think! Oh and guess what?! I did a clothing swap (more like wardrobe swap) this weekend with my good friend Brandilyn! You might remember her from this post. Yeah adorable girl with the adorable store, yep that is her. It was like I had a sister in town again! Sister=two closets. You know, unless your sister is extremely selfish and then, well, I am sorry. But anyway assuming you have a relatively unselfish sister, there is an obvious benefit.

My big sister and I were the same height for maybe two years or so—it was great. We shared EVERYTHING. Life was good…....and then I grew. A lot. My sister started looking swagger in my pants, and I started to look like a hippie in her high-waters. History brief: hippies were not in style at the time. “Hey girl! Where is the flood?!” Oh, and shoes were even better. Yes, I have large feet. I said it. Or maybe they are just large compared to my sisters itty-bitty-size 6-feet. Trying on her shoes could have been an Olympic event, “OK Sarah is up! Trying a 6 this time! This is unbelievable!" It was a little (a lot) like that scene in Cinderella where the step-sisters are trying to stuff their feet into the dainty little glass slipper.

Anyway, besides the fact that we are not as able to share anymore, she is also half-a-world away most of the time. So Crystallynn if you are reading this, no hard feelings, but I got a new clothing sister. AND she has blonde hair so it is kind of like we are unselfish step sisters or something! No? OK, maybe not. Anyway we are the same size, and I kind of feel like I am capitalizing on this whole double closet thing again.

So if you guys don’t have sisters or friends that are the same size, you can always stop by the little clothing shop in the town I grew up in called “My Sister’s Closet”. I am sure girls without sisters or with selfish ones flock into there daily to get a taste of the sisterly love.

Oh and p.s. another clothing-sister I have is Emily, she also has a super cute blog. Check it out!

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  1. Oh! I miss you. I'll start buying bigger shoes. :) You're the best sister!