Saturday, February 5, 2011

sunny with a chance of rain chandelier earrings

These earrings are one of my newest designs. If you can't tell I am a little sick of the winter weather, so yes, there is color. These earrings feature blue and orange beads, teardrop red agate gemstones, hand twisted wire and dainty gold colored chain. To order click here. They are pictured on the gorgeous Crystal. I took these photos this past week and lets just say these are a sneak peek (hint: she also has a sister.) And I know that the phrase is officially "cloudy with a chance of rain" but have you ever been out when it is raining and sunny? It is the best.   

As some of you may know I am currently living in a winter-wonderland, well -20 isn’t actually that wonderful—maybe just winter-land. So, I am taking my trash out down our long, almost empty parking lot to the dumpster; thinking of how miserably cold this weather is, (insert: British swearwords) lets just say my happy scale was swaying to the down side, when I slipped on the ice and almost face-planted. It was then that I had an idea…

Let’s go back in time a little: Little Sarah wants to be a professional ice skater so she can have large bouquets of flowers and teddy bears thrown down at her from eager fans. She wished more than anything she had a rink in town where she could wear her little secondhand skates at (besides the terrible little pond that had cracks and holes the size of the Grand Canyon). Medium Sarah decides to venture the terrible rink, wishing everyday there was a “real” rink in town…caught you up to speed? Well big Sarah (ew I really don’t like that; it is what my family calls me to distinguish between me and the new addition (little Sarah). “Hey BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC Sarah… can you get me a drink of water?” Needles to say, I proposed that they call her little (itty bitty little) Sarah and just call me Sarah, it’s really that simple. Anyway forward time until now, and big Sarah has an ice skating rink—literally right outside her backdoor! P.S. the Love of my life had a pair of Riedells made for me in the style that I always dreamed of—they don’t even make them anymore! Insert “awwwwws”. So I call my thrill-seeking sister right? And she is like, “In your parking lot? No, that could be dangerous! Don’t do it!” You are kidding me right? She owns her own motorcycle, lives in foreign countries and jumps out of speeding airplanes on a regular basis! I must not be hardcore at all in her eyes. Sniff. Anyway, I will post a photo or something if this “crazy” idea actually turns into anything.

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  1. oh you Giant, Huge, Massive Dare-devil you! I love you. I wish I was there! Maybe we could have played some hockey and misplace our tail bones... always such a joy. Love you so much Sarah (ps- I was joking.. you'll always be my LITTLE sarah... even though you surpassed me both virtically and mentally years ago).

    P.S- You're hardcore awesome.