Monday, February 14, 2011

you and me

This weekend was literally the best. We made breakfast, picked up a few chocolates, and spent the day in Lava.

Things I loved about this weekend:
  1. Skyler lookin fly in his new leather jacket I got him for V-day!
  2. The photos I got of Skyler before he realized I was taking photos. Yes, success! He is adorable.
  3. Skyler.
  4. The flowers Skyler got me. He got them in a pot so they would last longer—not always true; it might test my plant-caring abilities. The thing that really concerns me is the five foot tall snow drift in front of the only sunshine it would ever see.
  5. The Thai restaurant. So delicious.
  6. And this photo (below). Before you think I am a total creep I will explain... Initially I was trying to get a photo of the hot pools from above, but with all the bushes and fences and the fact that I only had my close-up lense with me—this is what I ended up with. Ok, ok, bushes, fences, and close-up lenses don’t really help my argument, I know, maybe I am a creep. But I think this photo really describes Lava to a T if you ask me.
Oh and happy Valentines day! I hope it is the best. Ever. I found these on Etsy (of course) and they are some of the cutest cards. Ever. I just wanted to share the link. They are made with real flowers!


  1. Oh I'm so glad that you had a wonderful day! The photos are beautiful!

    I must say that I completely agree on the whole potted plant thing. Chris did that for me once and no matter how often I watered it, it still died. Maybe I didn't talk to it enough or something.

  2. I have also tried singing. Maybe? No, that couldn't be why they died ha ha.

  3. i love you two! these pictures are ADORABLE!!!!