Friday, March 25, 2011

chic claw necklace

This chic necklace is made of a unique reddish-brown horn in a claw shape, hanging from an antiqued chain. Click here to order.

Are you telling me that these aren't the same person?!  
Ok, so I admit, they look nothing alike now, but last night Sky and I went to see the Adjustment Bureau, and I was so positive that they were the same person that I made a bet on it. On the way home we were going over details of the bet, and I, being overly confident of course, said it would be for an hour long back rub. Luckily I had a moment of hesitation and changed it to 20 minutes just before we got home, because Sky had his stop watch out to make sure he got every second of it ha ha. Well, I am sure I deserved it, but in my defense both of the actors were wearing hats.

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  1. haha, i just pictured a fancy, candle-lit back rub...and skylar with the official stop watch. i'm the exact same way with my back rubs, though..they better be GOOD! lol you guys are so funny.