Friday, March 18, 2011

Don’t be square, be rectangle.

These gold colored earrings are carefully hand twisted into a rectangle shape and hang from gold-plated ear-wires. Click here to order. So, you know that Rihanna song “Hate That I Love You”? Well, to be honest I never really understood it until recently. Then I discovered that there are a few things I hate that I love…

Exhibit A: what I like to call the cockatoo bun—I am sure that I don’t need to ask you if you see the resemblance (the bird is the one on the right). I love this bun because it is so convenient, but I hate it because I look like, well, a bird. 
Not that looking like a bird is a bad thing, I just don'tpull it off as gracefully as this little guy does. I think I may outlaw the cockatoo bun for the time being...meaning I should probably go change my hair right now.


  1. wait...the bird's on the right? huh. lol you crack me up. I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS. there are like 20 things in your etsy show i need to buy. i don't even wear earrings and i want to wear those. and i wear my green necklace like every day of my life. you are a GENIUS! and artistical GENIUS! p.s. can we have a double date someday soon please?

  2. Sarah, actually, you remind us of a bird also...a really sweet chick! Please continue to wear your hair up; you are so precious and "truly" beautiful.

    Love, mom

  3. Gorgeous earrings! and that's so true about the love/hate -I do that with hair styles a lot too. I guess I'm just too lazy not to. Oh well. Lovin your blog

  4. Ha ha oh you crack me up! I think you guys are both working the hair do! However, one thing that the bird can't pull off that you can, is looking killer awesome in a swim suit :)

  5. Haha.. Mine is in a right awful state right now too... Yup. That's actually most of the time. Awesome

  6. I am all about the messy bun!!!!
    Those earrings are fabulous!

    We love your blog!
    Bunnie Bee Jewelry BLog