Friday, March 11, 2011

geometric geometry

Here is one of my more recent designs. This necklace is made of hand cut wood in a cool geometric pattern, dark brown leather cord and a hand-twisted clasp. It is pictured on Gaby, who is one of the nicest, most pretty girls on Earth. Click here to order. I have a whole slew (I like that word) of new designs and a giveaway coming up! So I am sorry if you felt I had gone missing. I kind of did, but I am back now. Well, not technically missing, I'm just missing out on all the fun (like blogging) because of my studies. Don’t be surprised if you find me if you find me under a mile-high pile of school books eating a piece of paper to survive. “Teacher, I am sorry, uh, I ate my homework.”


  1. hi sarah! i wanted to hop over and say thank you for the necklace! i really love it and i'm so excited to wear it... thanks for dropping it off... sorry if my husband seemed confused haha!

    this necklace is so pretty.

  2. I really love that necklace! You are so talented.