Monday, April 4, 2011

bridal photos {continued}

Here are some of the last photos from the bridal shoot the other day. I want to do another one really soon. I enjoyed it so much! On another note, I am soo excited for finals this week—well finals to be over that is. It was such a relief when I presented my senior project last Friday. Yes, I said senior project (doesn’t it just has a nice ring to it). It went fairly well, except they announced the time limit when I was only half way through my presentation. So the second half went something like this, "Blah blah blah...something about communications...The end." Then the next presenter tripped on the cord to my hard drive and send it flying through the air. That could do some damage.

Other news in my life, I have been going to this little breakfast diner in town called Flap Jacks every Saturday for the last month, and will continue doing so until they ask me if I would like “the usual”. So far no luck, but I am confident they will remember me and what I ordered soon. I am half tempted to wear the same outfit every time to speed the process and I will of course keep you posted if anything exciting happens. Oh and my really good friend Brandilyn and I have started going running jogging/walking in the mornings at the same time my husband goes running with his friends. We decided they only run so fast because they don’t having anything to talk about. If you are wondering, yes, it does make us feel better.