Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Meet Sahara. Yes, she is lovely. Yes, her hair looks like that when she just got out of the shower (literally 5 minutes before). Yes, her eyes are that light blue. Yes, she is hardly wearing any makeup and looks ammmazing. No, she would not give me that shirt. Ha ha. Thinking of graduation is really exciting; however, I will really miss people like her, Brandilyn, Emilys (not a typo, there are two of them), Brittany, and the list goes on... Thanks for being my friends! You can send the bill in the mail; I just won't mention that we don't have an apartment right now, shhhhhh...


  1. omg these turned out AMAZING! she really is stunning, both in real life and in your pictures.

  2. Ah when I saw that photo earlier I just had a feeling you took it! :) Bazinga I was right :) Fabulous work darling. Jeeze I miss you tons and you've only been gone a few days. P.S. I hope I'm one of those Emily's :) LOVES!