Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey guys! I did a guest post on the Traveling Triplets, telling more about my trip to Paris (click here). They have a really great blog; if you don't follow it already, you should. They are cute multiplied by three, and they travel everywhere! 

Also, I just got back from an amaazzzing trip to Italy with my sister! I will post pictures soon!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Many the miles {Vintage photoshoot}

Some of the photos I took of my cousin before she left. Let me know what you think! I never really had a chance to get to know my Grandma, but I have always thought that my cousin looked like her from the pictures I have seen. So I kind of wanted to step back in time with these pictures. I will post more up on my facebook page soon. My cousin has such glamorous features, doesn’t she? And she hardly ever even wears makeup—such a natural beauty.
Yesterday my sis and I went for a nice jog along the beautiful German countryside, picked wildflowers, arranged them into bouquets, and practiced Morse code. Yes, Morse code. She is very determined to learn it from an app on her phone—I think she just wants me to learn it with her so she will have someone to communicate with besides the British coast guard. It is really funny, but slightly annoying after a while ha ha, “dit, dit, daa, dit—the letter is F!”

Sweet dreams are made of this

Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Here is a set I created in Polyvore. I was was inspired by Riomaggiore, the beautiful coastal city in Italy that my sis and I are going to spend a few days in this week!
Too bad I don't have a million dollars or I might be able to wear my outfit at it's inspiration.  

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage ballet photos

How beautiful is she? This lovely woman is an ancestor of mine. We just came across these treasures recently when we were going through some old papers in storage. I instantly fell in love with them and not just because she was a ballerina. Well, not totally anyway.

She had been a talented dancer and performer since she was little (the bottom picture was her at age 8). As she got older she fell in love, got engaged, and brought him home to meet her family and friends. There was a marriage alright—with her best friend! She, broken hearted, ran a dance studio in Little Rock Arkansas the rest of her life; she never fell in love again.
Here is a tissue.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

White hot jeans

So, this is the second of my weekly/whenever I feel like it outfit posts. And, well, it definitely hasn't been weekly, so I guess it is more of the latter. Ha ha. Anyway, I had been wanting a pair of white jeans for a while and finally got a pair a few months ago. I wear them ev-er-y-where—especially when I go for a hike in the mountains, mow the lawn, or eat spaghetti. That was a joke. I did wear them in Paris though, and I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous to sit down in the Metro, but bleach is a liberating thing I tell you. I am also loving the coral trend (it was huge in Paris) and it seems a little less, high maintenance, “And get my pants dirty? No way.”

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things I loved this week

Some of the photos I took just before I left, which I am just now getting around to editing/posting. These beautiful people, I am proud to say, are my relatives. I love them very much. They are the parents of the cute kids from this post.

Things I loved this week:
  • Watching a mystery show in German; it was, a mystery let me tell you.
  • Going to experience German pizza, only to find out it was actually American.
  • Getting chased by a giant Newfoundland during a jog with my cousin. It was, hilarious. She was running for her life, but for some reason I wasn’t scared…it might have had something to do with the big droopy eyes and large tongue hanging out of its happy mouth—threatening I tell you. The owner then came out and we played a great game of guess the breed in Germ-glish, which quite nearly included my cousin hitting the timer and me going, “baaaaaahhhhh” in my best sheep voice and acting like a dog chasing it. She didn’t understand.
  • Going to H&M. “12 Dollars?!...oh yeah, 12 Euros.”
  • Receiving letters from my husband; I miss him so much.
  • Being taught songs on the guitar by my cousin and asking, “Why does my strumming not sound like yours?” Only to have her reply sweetly, “Oh, it takes time that’s all. Now relax your fingers.”
  • Oh, and last but certainly not least… buying tickets to Milan! We leave next week!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh Paris, you photogenic place you

The Eiffel Tower in all its glory. And here is a picture of us jumping in front of it.
What could possibly be better than a good old jumping picture? Oh, I know, a picture of what comes after...  
Thank heavens for fast shutter speeds or this beauty may have gone forever undocumented. T'would have been a shame. Sometimes I wonder what dances were like in the 60'sI don't have to wonder anymore.
The Louvre was beautiful, and the Musée d'Orsay was ammmmazing. 
Arc de Triomphe, where we caught a fancy meal at a McDonalds down the street. They have these fantastic little potatoes slices they call “French fries”, gotta try them. 
Probably the most impressive thing still was the Metro. I have never, I repeat never been on such a crowded subway/train/light rail. A huge festival was going on and it was a mad house. I believe at one point a stranger was sitting on my lap, someone was stepping on my foot (or was it I that was doing the stepping? It's hard to say), and someone else was breathing on my neck. If you are wondering, I didn't turn around—sometimes it's just better to not know.
The Sacré Cœur had the most beautiful view of Paris. Although, I am not sure what was more interesting at the moment, the Sacré Cœur or my skinny sister chasing off four peddlers three times her size...I chose the latter. 
If you were wondering, we blended right in. I am sure no one knew we were tourists at all...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sisterly Love

Some photos I took recently of some of my nieces. They collected bouquets of wildflowers on the way, so we ran with it—they felt oh so glamorous and elegant. I love these girls so much. They all look different, have different personalities, and like different things, but they will always be friends because they’re sisters.  

herb gardens

So we just got back from Paris the night before last, it was amazing and I will post some pictures soon.

Aren’t these herb gardens breathtaking? Nearly everyone has one here in Germany. There are flowers in the windowsills, potted herbs on the porches, and gardens in almost every yard. My dreams of having a perfect little potted herb garden may come true at last—with a little crash course on German gardening from the neighbors of course. Cheerio my darlings!