Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things I loved this week

Some of the photos I took just before I left, which I am just now getting around to editing/posting. These beautiful people, I am proud to say, are my relatives. I love them very much. They are the parents of the cute kids from this post.

Things I loved this week:
  • Watching a mystery show in German; it was, a mystery let me tell you.
  • Going to experience German pizza, only to find out it was actually American.
  • Getting chased by a giant Newfoundland during a jog with my cousin. It was, hilarious. She was running for her life, but for some reason I wasn’t scared…it might have had something to do with the big droopy eyes and large tongue hanging out of its happy mouth—threatening I tell you. The owner then came out and we played a great game of guess the breed in Germ-glish, which quite nearly included my cousin hitting the timer and me going, “baaaaaahhhhh” in my best sheep voice and acting like a dog chasing it. She didn’t understand.
  • Going to H&M. “12 Dollars?!...oh yeah, 12 Euros.”
  • Receiving letters from my husband; I miss him so much.
  • Being taught songs on the guitar by my cousin and asking, “Why does my strumming not sound like yours?” Only to have her reply sweetly, “Oh, it takes time that’s all. Now relax your fingers.”
  • Oh, and last but certainly not least… buying tickets to Milan! We leave next week!

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