Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage ballet photos

How beautiful is she? This lovely woman is an ancestor of mine. We just came across these treasures recently when we were going through some old papers in storage. I instantly fell in love with them and not just because she was a ballerina. Well, not totally anyway.

She had been a talented dancer and performer since she was little (the bottom picture was her at age 8). As she got older she fell in love, got engaged, and brought him home to meet her family and friends. There was a marriage alright—with her best friend! She, broken hearted, ran a dance studio in Little Rock Arkansas the rest of her life; she never fell in love again.
Here is a tissue.


  1. Hey Sarah... that is pretty sad. I never heard that story before... is this on our side of the family?

  2. Yeah, it is on our side. Sad, isn't it? I would have to ask my mom for the whole name, but I know her first name was Katherine.