Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Like my Dad says, "Your worst day fishing is better than your best day at work." Very true. Unless fishing is your job, and then, well, I am not sure. I am just glad that living off the land isn’t a necessary part of life anymore, because my husband’s one meager fish just might not have cut it, “Let’s see, you take the little bit of meat on the left and the fins, and I’ll take the little bit on the right and the tail—and well, for the rest of you, there is still a perfectly good can of power bait, I mean marshmallows.”

Thanks to my mom and dad for taking us fishing, to my husband for putting the worm on the hook for me (true love I tell you), and to my dream last night where I caught not zero, but 5 fish.

The Great Fisherwoman

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  1. i'm from midway! deer creek was practically my back yard :)