Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Malibu Pier {family photos}

Beautiful couple, beautiful child, beautiful dog—oh and the view, well, I will let you decide. I had so much fun taking these pictures. If the surroundings and the company didn't cut it (and they did), the delicious pear and coconut gelato we got on our way home definitely did the job. I will post more here soon.  

You know when you haven't written in your journal blog for a long time and you can't decide whether to spend the next long time catching up or just cut your losses, eat some food, browse through facebook, and move on?

What was that? Pick option two? 

In that case, I think it is sufficient to say that we graduated. And look, we even have a picture to prove it:  
Now I will cut any potential losses from the history of me and move forward.   

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