Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How we met... {four generations of love stories}

Earl Nelson and Mary Ruby Shiner.

How they met: Earl and Ruby met at a church dance, she was barely 17 and already engaged to another man. My Great-grandfather asked her to dance and afterward said, "I don't suppose a fella would have a chance with you would he?" She batted her eyes and said, "Oh, you never know." 

She immediately broke off her engagement, they started dating and got married shortly after. 

Kenneth F. Reamey and Carma Anna Nelson. 

How they met: Kenneth was a lutenant in WWII. After the war ended, he broke off a long-time relationship and was single for a number of years. During this time he routinely went to a matinee every Saturday afternoon. One particular week, however, he parked his car at the movie theater only to get on the bus instead. A few blocks later Karma stepped onshe was a classical ballroom dancer who was living in California to pursue teaching. The second he saw her he knew that she was the woman for him. He asked her outshe agreed to go.   

Paul R. Steed, Deborah Lynn Reamey. 

How they met: My parents both attended Ricks College, which later became BYU-Idaho. 
The weekend before school started, a series of events lead my mom straight to the dance where my father was hanging out with a friend. My father was just getting ready to leave when she walked in, but decided instead to ask her to dance. She was, however, so occupied in her thoughts that she didn't notice and appeared to completely ignore him. His friend turned to him and said, "Wow, you sure made an impression on her!" He wasn't satisfied that she heard him and asked again. 

They got to their first class early Monday morning (oil painting) and once again saw each other. The teacher arranged the students alphabeticallyso seeing that R is right before S they sat right next to each other. They would frequently paint fast, push their easels together, and sneak out for breakfast.  

S. Onken and Sarah L. Steed

How we met: We met at an off-campus dance party while attending school at BYU-Idaho—Just like my parents! (Side note: my husband even lived in the same housing my father did while he attended school, crazy right?). Anyway, I saw him dancing in the circle and told him, "Good job!" I was being honest, he was a good dancer—but mainly he was just really good-looking :). We talked for a bit and found out I was roommates with some of his friends from back home. They came over for an "enchilada recipe" and we talked about the Boston Red Sox. He asked for my number. 

We all met in situations related to dance. 

Four generations from my Mom's side. Going up: me and my husband, my mom and dad, my mom's mom and dad, my mom's dad's mom and dad. Wow, that was a mouth-full! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pics/stories! I decided that this would be a fun idea a while ago, and I am just getting around to finishing it. I would highly recommend doing it yourself—it is a great way to learn about family! If you do, post it and send me a link!  

Thanks mom for emailing these pictures and telling me the stories! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

San Francisco Adventures

I just got back from a wonderful, week-long trip to San Francisco to see my brother and his wife. Here is a brief summary of our adventures:

Day 1: Flight got canceled—just my luck if you remember this post. So, the first day was spent hanging out at the airport all morning, afternoon, and early evening. 

Day 2: Caught breakfast at a cute diner, chased after a cable car and jumped on (it was pretty intense, it must have been going at least 20 2 mph), took pictures at Lombard St., ate a delicious sundae at Ghirardelli’s Square, browsed through art galleries, walked down Fisherman’s Wharf, watched the sea lions fight for a spot on an overly crowed dock, and took a kick-butt Pilates class with my sis-in-law (literally kicked my butt).

Day 3: China town, caught lunch, tried to lure snooty parrots down from the trees with large smiles and an apple—to no avail, hiked the 800 stairs to Coit tower and the beautiful view around it, parrots again (same result), pizza and calamari at Tony’s—where my sis-in-law spotted an individual sitting at the bar who may or may not be the Brian Wilson:

Me: “Will you sign our tickets?”
Brian Wilson look-a-like: “Oh, that isn’t really me.”
Me: “That is okay our friends won’t know, how about a picture?”
Brian Wilson look-a-like: “Yes, of course!”

Day 3 (continued): comedy show, crazy bus ride, and Bob’s donuts.

Day 4: Photo shoot in the morning, naked old man spotting on the beach (unfortunately)—nothing but a baseball cap and a distant suave expression as waves crashed over his ankles, lunch, bike ride over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito, coconut ice cream, browsed through more galleries, clam chowder, rode ferry back to San Francisco, and ate pineapple upside-down cake.

Day 5: Church, hiked through the redwoods in Muir Woods, drove down coast, watched a movie while eating warm banana bread.

Day 6: Frisbee golf at Golden Gate Park (I got a very nice high score), long boarding, drove to Pacifica for barbecue ribs, Haight-Ashbury, Giants game with the best seats EVER—I could get used to that. Fortunately, it was only one game and I can most likely still adapt once again to my high-elevation seat choices.   

You guys are great, I miss you already! Come visit us soon! We might not have a lot to do here, but we can always go to two of the three restaurants in town (one of them is actually kind of good)! You know you are tempted…  

Friday, April 13, 2012

blue truck, pink lipstick

Some pictures I styled and photographed recently. This girl was so fun to work with! More will be posted here soon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Times the Charm {family photos}

Some family photos I did for my brother, his beautiful wife, and their three cute kidos. There will be more posted here soon! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the help I received during the shoot from my ever-faithful assistant, Crystallynn, whose hands went numb/started turning strange colors only moments after we started. She persisted to the end despite the cold…holding the reflector here and there, and brushing my sis-in-law’s hair to the side when needed—thank heavens or we might not have caught this lovely action shot. That is my sister’s hand in case you were wondering, not an albino tarantula. Thanks again sis! You are the best—now go put some gloves on! Ha ha.

We had such a great time! I miss all of them already, sniff, sniff.  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brandilyn {maternity photos}

Some maternity pictures I did last week of my beautiful friend, Brandilyn. Can I please be all stylish and suave like her when I am pregnant—or, you know, even when I am not?

I would have to say that this photo shoot was a step in the right direction though because in exchange for it I browsed through her adorable boutique and now have some lovely new options hanging in my closet. Thanks to the new additions, I should be looking like Brandilyn in no time!  

On another note, I brought back a lot of old pictures from home and showed them to my husband last night. One picture was from my particularly awkward stage (age 7-13). I was skinny, tallish, with big teeth, a short hair cut, and baggy clothes (all classic 12 year-old mistakes that add up to pictures that are a little painful to look at and a scary resemblance to my pet emu—yes, I had a pet emu). I imagined my husband saying, "Oh, you are so cute! What awkward stage?" But this is what he said, "You looked like a page boy from the 14th century."  

Thank heavens I am out of that awkward stage, right guys? Right?