Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brandilyn {maternity photos}

Some maternity pictures I did last week of my beautiful friend, Brandilyn. Can I please be all stylish and suave like her when I am pregnant—or, you know, even when I am not?

I would have to say that this photo shoot was a step in the right direction though because in exchange for it I browsed through her adorable boutique and now have some lovely new options hanging in my closet. Thanks to the new additions, I should be looking like Brandilyn in no time!  

On another note, I brought back a lot of old pictures from home and showed them to my husband last night. One picture was from my particularly awkward stage (age 7-13). I was skinny, tallish, with big teeth, a short hair cut, and baggy clothes (all classic 12 year-old mistakes that add up to pictures that are a little painful to look at and a scary resemblance to my pet emu—yes, I had a pet emu). I imagined my husband saying, "Oh, you are so cute! What awkward stage?" But this is what he said, "You looked like a page boy from the 14th century."  

Thank heavens I am out of that awkward stage, right guys? Right?

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