Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How we met... {four generations of love stories}

Earl Nelson and Mary Ruby Shiner.

How they met: Earl and Ruby met at a church dance, she was barely 17 and already engaged to another man. My Great-grandfather asked her to dance and afterward said, "I don't suppose a fella would have a chance with you would he?" She batted her eyes and said, "Oh, you never know." 

She immediately broke off her engagement, they started dating and got married shortly after. 

Kenneth F. Reamey and Carma Anna Nelson. 

How they met: Kenneth was a lutenant in WWII. After the war ended, he broke off a long-time relationship and was single for a number of years. During this time he routinely went to a matinee every Saturday afternoon. One particular week, however, he parked his car at the movie theater only to get on the bus instead. A few blocks later Karma stepped onshe was a classical ballroom dancer who was living in California to pursue teaching. The second he saw her he knew that she was the woman for him. He asked her outshe agreed to go.   

Paul R. Steed, Deborah Lynn Reamey. 

How they met: My parents both attended Ricks College, which later became BYU-Idaho. 
The weekend before school started, a series of events lead my mom straight to the dance where my father was hanging out with a friend. My father was just getting ready to leave when she walked in, but decided instead to ask her to dance. She was, however, so occupied in her thoughts that she didn't notice and appeared to completely ignore him. His friend turned to him and said, "Wow, you sure made an impression on her!" He wasn't satisfied that she heard him and asked again. 

They got to their first class early Monday morning (oil painting) and once again saw each other. The teacher arranged the students alphabeticallyso seeing that R is right before S they sat right next to each other. They would frequently paint fast, push their easels together, and sneak out for breakfast.  

S. Onken and Sarah L. Steed

How we met: We met at an off-campus dance party while attending school at BYU-Idaho—Just like my parents! (Side note: my husband even lived in the same housing my father did while he attended school, crazy right?). Anyway, I saw him dancing in the circle and told him, "Good job!" I was being honest, he was a good dancer—but mainly he was just really good-looking :). We talked for a bit and found out I was roommates with some of his friends from back home. They came over for an "enchilada recipe" and we talked about the Boston Red Sox. He asked for my number. 

We all met in situations related to dance. 

Four generations from my Mom's side. Going up: me and my husband, my mom and dad, my mom's mom and dad, my mom's dad's mom and dad. Wow, that was a mouth-full! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pics/stories! I decided that this would be a fun idea a while ago, and I am just getting around to finishing it. I would highly recommend doing it yourself—it is a great way to learn about family! If you do, post it and send me a link!  

Thanks mom for emailing these pictures and telling me the stories! 


  1. that picture of you and skyler is amazing!! hotties! i love this post!

  2. this is so cute, Sarah!

    Okay, so I have a story that involves your husband...from BYU-I. I was at Big Judd's with my roommates one evening and one of my roommates was talking to a guy friend she knew (and who Skyler was with). After they were done talking, all my roommates agreed that the guy with the broken arm (Skyler) was really cute. Later, I became friends with you and found out you were engaged to the guy my roommates all thought was cute. Go you!